Here Are The 9 Practices To Transform Your Life

1.) Gratitude Journal

2.) Powerful Words

3.) Self-Love

4.) Recognize Others

5.) Easy Giving

6.) Mirrors of Reflection

7.) Letting Go

8.) Meditate

9.) Life Mission


1) Gratitude Journal

• Write down everything from your day that you are grateful for, and don’t stop writing for at least ten minutes. Being grateful for the simple things in life, such as your ability to write, or breathe on your own, can be just as important as any major accomplishments. Using a pen and paper, instead of electronics, will create a stronger imprint in your mind. Begin each sentence with the words, ‘I am grateful’, and write as many gratitude sentences as you can.

• Be where you are in any given moment. Stop all thoughts and notice your immediate surroundings. Be willing to be in awe of the beauty and mystery of life that is always surrounding you. Be present.

2) Powerful Words

• Imagine that every word you said came true and therefore speak as if it will.

• Speak only the words of what you want to have happen, never of what you don’t want to experience.

• Say “I Am Great, I Am Peaceful, I Am Loving, I Am Successful, I Am Kind, I Am Healthy,” and other positive I Am statements every day in the mirror to yourself. Model the practice for children and encourage them to do the same.

3) Self-Love

• Be, Do, Have Mindset: Get clear on the feeling you want to create in your life and be that, first and foremost. When you are being and feeling happiness, then you will naturally do things to affirm that feeling, which will have you living the life you truly desire. The opposite of this mindset is to think, “Once I have X, then I will do Y, and finally be happy.” Unfortunately, that thinking leaves you as a victim of life instead of the creator.

• Do Something Different Every Day: A flexible body is a flexible mind. Get out of your habitual routine. Brush your teeth with the opposite hand. Clean your house or mow the lawn in a new direction every time. Try a brand-new workout routine or ride your bike down a path you’ve never gone before.

• What is one thing that you’re not doing for yourself, that if you were, it would have a positive impact in your life? If it involves your hobbies and creative activities, then increase the time you spend on these activities weekly, if not daily. Consider that your creative passions hold the key to your health and wealth and are where your divine wisdom lives.

• Create a plan to make what you love doing your income source. As the saying goes, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

4) Recognize Others

• Every person you meet wearing a name tag, or in the service industry, say ‘hello’ and acknowledge them using their name. Be intentional about remembering coworkers’ and neighbors’ names and interests and strike up a conversation. Share something great about your life with others.

• Listen. You were born with two ears and one mouth, so listen to others twice as much as you speak. Listen from a place of non-judgment and attempt to do so without any thoughts in your own mind.

• Organize or participate in a Free Hugs event where you can connect with strangers and connect with our humanity.

5) Easy Giving

• Donate anything you own that you don’t absolutely love or need for ongoing, practical use.

• Generously share your knowledge, experience, and people connections with others.

• Gift your listening to someone in need without any intention of fixing their problem. Simply listen without judgment or thoughts of your own so you can provide the clarity they need to solve any issue on their own.

6) Mirrors of Reflection 

• Notice how everything you see or judge in another person is also in you. You cannot see a quality in another that you don’t also possess. To transform the complaint you have about others, you must first resolve it within yourself.

• Consider that the advice you give another is the advice you most need to take yourself.

7) Letting Go

• Be with the emotion you want to eliminate from your experience. Feel it in your body until it intensifies. Do not add thoughts, just feel the emotion, and watch it as it increases in intensity and then completely disappears all on its own.

• Donate any material possessions you own that you don’t absolutely love, need, or use. If you haven’t touched it in a year, get rid of it. Allow new energy and blessings to flow your way by getting rid of things that no longer serve you.

• As soon as you’ve done or said something you regret, admit it to the person you offended and commit to a new action for the future with that person.

• Visualize an energetic light of love and peace emanating from your heart and overtaking your entire body and being. Send that love from your heart space to another person and imagine the bright, peaceful light taking over both of you.

8) Meditate

• Meditate by closing your eyes and focusing on your spiritual eye, in between and just above your eyebrows. Allow your breath to naturally calm and slow down. Practice for one minute at a time every hour. Increase your meditation time and set a timer so you can focus completely on your practice.

• Meditate with a group, church, or spiritual organization that resonates with you. Increase the amount of time you spend in meditation. Aim toward a goal of meditating for one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening.

• Consider observing a day of silence where you choose not to speak but rather spiritually observe the events and occurrences of life.

9) Life Mission 

• What is your life mission? Write out your life mission statement and put it somewhere you will see it every day.

• Write out your eulogy and include all the great things you want to be remembered for. Be bold and generous with yourself when writing.  Consider having another person read it back to you to create a stronger imprint in your mind.

• Create a plan so you can organize all your activity to support your life mission, both personally and professionally. Make a list of the friends, family, business colleagues, and others who can support and contribute to your mission. Be willing to ask for help. It takes teamwork to make a dream work