Infinite Love Planet Vision

Imagine a world where all life is honored and everyone thrives.  We hold hands and proclaim, 'We Are One', as we look to the stars and multiverse for what's next in our journey together.  We realize our oneness and rename Earth to Infinite Love Planet.

How To Make It Happen

We already have the technology we need to have abundance present for all of humanity.  We have the compassion and intelligence we need to protect and preserve nature and wildlife.  The only thing missing is our collective energetic vibration focusing on what's great with the planet, and a collective vision for the future.

Our mind cannot focus on two things at the exact same time.  If we are watching, focusing, and talking about the negative aspects of our world we increase that energetic frequency and create more of it.  We must be vigilant gatekeepers to our mind and only focus on that which we want to expand, grow, and see more of.  There are millions of people, organizations, communities, companies, politicians, and children who are consistently taking action to make our planet a better place!  Let us focus on what's working with our world and take positive loving action in the direction we want to go.

The only reason it may seem that fear, greed, hostility, and negativity are winning out is because we are not doing our job of focusing on the love, generosity, compassion and positivity that is within us and all around.  We can tip the scales in the direction of infinite love when we shift our individual perspective first.  All change begins within.  The transformation of planet earth is an inside job.

No, Really.....How Do I Make It Happen??

Let's face it....who cares about creating an Infinite Love Planet if you're not happy with your life.


That's why the 9 To Shine practices are the most effective path to personal happiness and fulfillment.  They are the quickest access to joy!  If everyone is individually happy then an Infinite Love Planet will naturally appear.

So check out the '9 To Shine Practices' on this website and put 1 (or all 9) into practice NOW!

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